Custom Vape Juice Boxes

Vape Juice Boxes That Help Your Brand Stay Fashionable

Is your vape juice packaging not appealing to your customers? Are you worried about product safety during shipping and retail handling? At Custom CBD Boxes, we understand your concerns and offer you dynamic solutions that cater to your specific needs and more.

Our vape juice boxes are made from superior packaging materials. Our exceptional printing techniques and color models don’t wear out. Attract your customers using our customization options. Create a multitude of designs using our prototyping options and cater to your entire catalog. The time has come to elevate your brand to the next level with our vape juice boxes.



What Are Vape Juice Boxes?

Vape juices are liquids used with vape devices. They are contained in bottles before being packed and shipped. Packaging boxes for vape juice bottles require durability and stylish customizations.

At Custom CBD Boxes, we produce vape juice boxes that are miles ahead of the competition. Our packaging gives you the cutting edge to take over the market.

Excellent Packaging Materials Used In Vape Juice Boxes

We offer packaging materials that cover a range of properties allowing for various applications. Apart from being a suitable protecting outer layer, they also provide a base for adding creative printing techniques. Our packaging material options are down below

  • Cardstock 
  • eco-friendly kraft
  • Rigid
  • Corrugated


Our cardstock materials are lightweight and denser than ordinary paper. They offer fantastic print quality. Due to this ability, this material looks terrific on retail shelves, showcasing your brand artwork.

Eco-friendly kraft

Another lightweight option for retail purposes, Kraft material, is made from wood chips and is biodegradable. Furthermore, it can be shaped into different sizes and enables you to incorporate environmental friendliness in your marketing campaigns.


Rigid materials offer a premium feel that is second to none. This is due to the impressive durability coupled with the exceptional print quality. You can ship these materials in long distances or overseas.


Our corrugated packaging material represents the most robust option. This material contains fluted cellulose fibers in between the sheets that give them strength. Their ease of handling sees them being used in applications such as storing and housing smaller retail packages for shipping.

Let our packaging material team know of your requirements, and they will suggest the appropriate material for you.

Brilliant Printing Techniques For Vape Juice Boxes

We detest the use of cheap vape juice boxes, and a sure sign is worn out printing. Furthermore, we offer printing solutions that use the latest technologies to produce stellar print quality. We have described some of our techniques below.

  • Offset Printing
  • Digital Printing

Offset Printing

The offset printing technique, also known as Lithography, is recommended for clients who want the highest quality print available. This technique uses two printing plates. Because of their manufacturing, turnaround times are slow, and making design changes is difficult. Furthermore, this technique requires a significant amount of time and money to set up at the start.

Digital Printing

The Digital printing technique uses direct printing from a source, and thus, it is easy to set up and make changes in the design., furthermore, the turnaround times are low. This technique helps produce small volume orders with appreciable print quality.

Charming Color Models For Vape Juice Boxes

Our vibrant color models allow for accurate brand representation opportunities. Packaging boxes for vape juice bottles are now required to entice and attract customers. Hence, we offer color models that make this possible; please have a look below.

  • CMYK Color Model
  • PMS Color Model

CMYK Color Model

This model uses four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) to produce intense shades. You can mix the colors against a pure white background, and spectacular color gradients are possible. Without any distinguishable identification, reproducing exact colors is down to the expertise of the printer.

PMS Color Model

The Pantone Matching System has over 1800 colors in its spectrum, all of which are assigned a unique identification number. This number is used to distinguish the different shades and helps in producing the exact color each time. 

Are you considering which printing technique and color model best suit your needs? have a chat with our team here.

Delightful Customization Options For Vape Juice Boxes

Our excellent packaging materials provide a steady base on which to add our customizations and create exclusive designs. Please have a look at our customizing options below.

  • Fun add-ons
  • Beautiful finishing coats

Fun Add-Ons For Vape Juice Boxes  

We offer several add-ons options that produce a texture change and give your customers a unique point of focus. We have highlighted some options below.

  • Hot Stamping
  • Window Patching
  • Spot UV
  • Emboss/Deboss

Hot Stamping

We apply heat and pressure to attach a metallic foil to your package. You can modify the foil to exhibit stunning effects such as matte, gloss, or holographic.

Window Patching

We die-cut and remove a part of the packaging. After that, we cover it with thin transparent plastic. This patching allows your product to shine through the package without it exposing to the environment.

Spot UV

We apply ultra-violet light to cure the printed colors underneath the package to produce a raised smooth texture that looks crisp and clean.


Do you to emboss or deboss your product packaging? If the answer is yes, you can opt for this attractive add-on that uses two dies that the machines compress together to produce the effect.

Beautiful Finishing Coats For Vape Juice Boxes

Our finishing coats allow for the added expression of your creativity and personalization. We have listed some options for your consideration.

  • Matte
  • Gloss
  • Varnish
  • Soft-Touch

Talk with our team here, let them guide you into making exclusive designs that will stand out from cheap vape juice boxes.

Admirable Prototyping Options For Vape Juice Boxes

We understand the importance of having to visualize your design and hence offer you prototyping options. Please have a look at our selection below.

  • Die-card 2D View
  • Box Folding 3D Video 
  • Physical vape juice sample boxes

Let’s Design Enticing Vape Juice Boxes

At Custom CBD Boxes, we create packaging that makes your brand stand out. We achieve this using high-quality packaging materials, printing techniques, color models, and customization options. Our prototypes help you visualize your vape juice sample boxes’ designs. With several options, you can create exclusives designs for your entire catalog.


Complement You Flavors With Our Customizations

Custom CBD Boxes believes in standing out from mediocrity. Our customizations, printing techniques, and color models help you do the same. Contact Us


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