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Get The Most Pleasing Packaging for Your E-liquids

The demand for E-Liquid Boxes is increasing with the popularity of vape products. That’s the reason why so many companies are launching these products to meet the demands of people. Now what is going to make your product get noticed among its competitors is the packaging. 

Custom CBD Boxes is here to provide you with outstanding packaging that not only protects your product but works as a promotional tool for your brand.  We offer you custom packaging where you can choose from a range of materials, color models, add-ons, finishing coats, and printing techniques. Get in touch with us, to begin with, our packaging design.

What Are E-Liquid Boxes?

E-liquid is a vape product getting popularity among youth. Its demand is increasing, and so is its production. It is primarily contained in glass or plastic bottles, which are further packed in a box that protects and preserves them. The packaging must display the product in a way that grabs customers’ attention. 

CBD Custom Boxes manufactures custom packaging that is specifically made according to your product needs and brand requirements. You can choose from our range of customization options to give your e-liquid packaging the appearance you want and make it stand out amongst the sea of products. Once you have approved a design, a prototype can be prepared before you make a bulk order.

Packaging Materials for E-liquid Packaging Box

CBD Custom Boxes provides you with a range of materials to choose from. Each material has its abilities for the protection and presentation of a product. You have the following options to select the material that you want:

Corrugated Material

It is composed of cellulose fiber and is 100% recyclable. It protects against environmental factors and can withstand pressures. Corrugated material has flutes between layers that provide sturdiness and support to the product. It is the most suitable material for the shipping and storage of products. 

Rigid Material

It is the densest material which is highly protective and sturdy. It is mainly used for luxury items and can withstand external pressures. Rigid material can support various customizations and give your product a high-end look. Being relatively costly, it can add to the perceived value of the product, hence improving the ROI.

Cardboard Material

It is widely used in retail packaging and display boxes. It can be made in different thicknesses owing to the need for the product. Cardboard can protect the product and be aesthetically modified into various shapes and sizes, and support multiple custom applications. 

Kraft Material

Kraft material has become very popular owing to its ability to support multiple customization options. It can be conveniently made into different sizes and shapes. It is environmentally as well as economically feasible as it is made of recyclable material and is 100% biodegradable. It is protective and able to present products fashionably. 

Printing Techniques for Custom E-Liquid Packaging

Plain and dull packaging does not get noticed, so there is a need to make it creative. Custom CBD Boxes offers you printing techniques to give your packaging a unique look. Below mentioned are the printing techniques you can make use of:

Offset Printing

Offset printing is also known as lithography, which is a two-step method of printing. An image is made on a rubber plate, and dyes are applied. Image is then printed on a packaging material through the cylinder. It provides high-quality images. The turnaround time may take a few days as the initial setup is required. It is costly for small orders while feasible for large-scale orders. 

Digital Printing 

It is a quick and direct method of printing that does not require an initial setup every time. All it needs is to digitize an image and a printer to transfer it to the packaging material. The turnaround time is speedy. It provides images of good quality but not as good as the offset. It is economically feasible for small as well as large-scale orders.  

We will help you choose the printing technique that suits your order requirements. 

Color Models For Lively E-liquid Boxes

To transform dull packaging into a lively, vibrant one, we have color models for you to choose from. Here are the properties of color models to decide which one to choose for your custom-printed e-liquid packaging:

CMYK Color Model

It is a subtractive color model based on Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black) color combined to form more shades. It delivers vibrant images. It is used for multicolored images. Color variations may occur when used through different devices. 

PMS Color Model

Pantone Matching System or PMS is used for spot colors. It is used universally and has over 1400 shades in its palette. A specific code denotes each shade to avoid confusion. PMS promises uniformity and accuracy in colors over different devices. 

Exciting Add-Ons For E-liquid Boxes

Don’t let your e-liquid boxes look boring and plain. Add some exciting features to make them look attractive. Following are the creative add-ons to pick from:

Embossing and Debossing

You can add some depth to your brand logo, title, or design with embossing. Or you can give it a pop being raised above the surface with debossing. 

Spot UV

You can highlight a particular area on your packaging to make it prominent with spot UV. It uses UV light to dry a layer of shiny liquid applied over the box surface. 

Window Patching

Gain your customer’s confidence by showing them a glimpse of your product without unpacking it. Window patching involves the attachment of a transparent sheet in the die-cut box, allowing customers to see the product even when packed.


It is a process of pressing a foil sheet on packaging by heating to make certain parts prominent like the title, logo, borders, etc. it gives a reflective, shiny appearance to the specified area and instantly grasps customers’ attention. 

Finishing Coats For E-Liquid Boxes – A Cherry On Top

To give your customized e-liquid packaging a smooth final finish, you can use our finishing coats that give a sheen look to the surface applied. The options we offer are listed below:

  • Matte Finish
  • Glossy Finish
  • Varnish Finish
  • Soft Touch Finish

Prototypes to Ensure Customer Approval

Before you make the bulk order, Custom CBD Boxes prepares prototypes for you to ensure you are satisfied with the structural integrity and final look of your e-liquid box. We make prototypes in the forms listed below:

  • 2 Dimensional Sample
  • 3 Dimensional Sample
  • Physical Sample

Our Custom E-Liquid Boxes Will Communicate for Your Brand

CBD Custom Boxes manufactures ideal e-liquid packaging with the best quality and unique appearance. We will make boxes that speak for the quality of your product and the brand. Our custom applications will give it an impressive look with attractive features that won’t go unnoticed. It will promote your brand wherever it is displayed and make customers curious to explore more. Don’t wait to give your box an innovative look. 


Get Boxes That Upgrade Your Product Impression 

CBD Custom Boxes is committed to boosting your sales, enhancing customer experience, and upgrading your product’s marketing with innovative custom applications. Order now!

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