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We Channel Passion Into Successful ROI

At CBD Custom Boxes, we offer complete freedom in the customization option. You can choose your box’s size, shape, style, material, and whatnot!

We are an ideal choice for sturdy and long-lasting packaging. Not only your fragile product is delivered safely in elite boxes, but it also wins your consumers’ hearts.

We Cater To Various Professional Fields

From Medicine to Edible items, the CBD Custom Boxes have got everything for your need. Our packaging will never disappoint your expectations.

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Why Packaging Matters?

Packaging has become a significant factor in the retail market. It is all about exhibiting the product effectively to make customers notice it.Being a business owner, you design a product, get it manufactured carefully, advertise and market it on different platforms to get the desired response from consumers. Your product gets noticed and generates good sales, but what will happen if it reaches the customer in a wrong or damaged shape? The whole process goes down the drain if the packaging is inadequate and leaves a bad impression on the customers; they won’t buy your product again due to the poor first impression. 

Packaging plays a significant role in shaping the first impression of your product. Whether it is displayed on the retail shelf or reaches customers through shipping, packaging impacts the user experience. Custom CBD Boxes manufactures the best quality packaging that you can get customized according to your brand and product preferences. We manufacture excellent custom packaging for products of different categories, including cannabis, hemp, vape, e-liquid, pre-rolls. The customization options that Custom CBD Boxes offers are discussed below to help you understand them thoroughly.  

Benefits Of Using Custom Boxes

Custom packaging has multiple features that the generic packaging lacks. There are many companies who understand this face and design custom packaging to lure customers towards their product. This helps to increase the sales and profits. Following are some benefits of designing custom packaging for your brand

Easily Customized

One of the best things about custom packaging is that it can be customized per your product. You can make a viewing window and even add a finishing coat on the custom boxes. This helps to give the packaging a unique look that attracts the customers.

Caters To The Branding Needs

Investing in custom packaging helps you to enhance the brand’s value. You can create packaging in your brand colors and add your custom logo to embed your brand’s name in customer’s mind. This unique identity will help your packaging stand apart in the sea of competitors.

Versatile Shape and Size

Customers adorn packaging with unique shape that provides them with a unique unboxing experience. Custom packaging provides you the opportunity to design boxes with unique shapes. This can help you get top shelf spot in the retail market. 

How To Get Perfectly Customized Boxes for Your Valuable Products?

Our tailor-made boxes will grip your products carefully and protect them from external pressures. Custom CBD Boxes makes packaging that exhibits your products attractively on the retail shelf among a sea of competitors. We have outstanding options to customize your products in the following categories:

  • Packaging Materials
  • Printing Techniques
  • Color Models
  • Add-Ons
  • Finishing Coats

Our skilled professionals will guide you to select the best suitable options for your product packaging. 

Selection of Packaging Materials 

Material selection for custom packaging is a crucial decision to make. It primarily depends on your product’s requirements, whether it needs to be shipped over long distances or for how long it needs to be stored. The handling and display requirements of products also determine the packaging material selection as the final look of the box depends on it. You have the following options to choose from:

  • Corrugated Material
  • Cardboard Material
  • Eco-Friendly Kraft Material
  • Rigid Material

Corrugated Material

It is prepared from cellulose fiber and is 100% recyclable. Corrugated material is ideal if you require shipping and storage of products owing to its durability and sturdiness. The flutes made between the sheets add to the strength of the material.

Cardboard Material

If you want to adorn packaging boxes with multiple customizations, you can go for the sturdy and flexible cardboard material. It can be made in varying thicknesses owing to the product needs.

Eco-Friendly Kraft Material

The trendy brown paper boxes are actually made of Kraft, which is eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable. It is conveniently made into different sizes, shapes, and designs to perfectly hold and exhibit the product. It is economically feasible as well.

Rigid Material

If you want to present your products luxuriously or have a range of gift boxes, rigid material provides the premium feels that customers would love. It is the densest packaging material that is capable of supporting multiple custom applications.

Printing Techniques For Custom Packaging

Plain packaging looks dull and does not gain much attention. The customization of products makes them look appealing to the customers and turns the heads of the passersby. Our remarkable printing techniques will give a new, artistic look to your boxes that many will notice. Here is the description of our popular printing techniques:

Offset Printing

It is a two-step method that requires the initial preparation of image plates. The turnaround time may take a few days, but the image quality is outstanding. It is economically feasible for large-scale orders and not for small-scale orders. 

Digital Printing  

Digital printing is a speedy and direct method. It does not require an initial setup every time, so the turnaround time is instant. It is economically feasible for both small and large-scale orders. The image quality is good but not as refined as that produced from offset printing.

Color Models That Add Life To Your Custom Packaging

Make your product packaging lively and vibrant with our alluring color models. You can select either of these two depending on the requirements of your design. We offer the following color model options:

  • CMYK Color Model
  • PMS Color Model

Add-Ons To Adorn Your Custom Boxes 

We have exciting add-ons to adorn your custom boxes and enhance the customer experience with exciting tidbits that they would adore. We have the following exciting options for you to choose from:


To highlight your brand logo, design, title, and specific information on the box with a raised above surface effect, go for embossing. 


Debossing highlights your brand logo, name, borders, or specific information by giving it a sunken below surface effect that attracts customers and provides them with an exciting touchpoint.

Spot UV

Make your brand logos and specific areas pop out with our exciting spot UV treatment. 

Hot Stamping

It gives the specified area a metallic, shiny look by heating and pressing the foil over the surface. 

Window Patching 

It is the process of adding a transparent sheet on the die-cut window in the packaging. It enhances the customer experience by letting them look at the product while keeping the packaging intact. 

Sleek Finishing Coats for Custom Packaging

Last but not least, give your custom packaging a smooth and refined look with our fantastic finishing coats. Custom CBD Boxes offers you various finishing coats to give your product packaging an exclusive feel. You can choose from the options given below:

Matte Finish

If you want your product to have a dull but classy finish that smoothens the edges and overall appearance of the packaging, you must go for a matte finish.

Gloss Finish

Add the shine of the packaging with help of a gloss finish. It is highly trendy and grabs the attention of the customers.

Varnish Finish

You can also have a subtle shiny effect that is neither glossy nor matte. Varnish gives a polished look to your custom boxes, making them look neat and smooth.

Soft-Touch Finish

It is the premium effect that delivers a soft, velvety layer to the custom box. It gives a lavish feel to the customers and improves the ROI of the product.  

Custom CBD Boxes manufactures custom packaging with a perfect combination of applications that fulfill all your requirements. 

Why Choose Us?

We have a team of experts that understand the importance of packaging and designs for your perfectly suitable custom boxes. Our skilled team is trained to create custom boxes that highlight your product and get your brand recognized in the market with exclusive features and outstanding appeal. We provide you custom packaging with highly effective, contemporary tools and techniques that will set the standards high for the competitors and enhance user experience, making them want more of your products. Call us today and let us design stellar custom packaging together.

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Popular Questions About CBD
Packaging Services

The CBD boxes should contain the product and brand information. You should also mention the nature of the product – whether it is a dietary supplement or oil etc. The information about the net quantities of content should also be mentioned on the Packaging.

Custom CBD boxes are specifically designed to meet your product and marketing requirements. You can create them in the material of your choice and add customizations to stand out on the retail shelves.

We give you the freedom to design the boxes that give a pleasurable unboxing experience to the customers. You can choose from various add-ons and finishes to design CBD boxes that pop out and grab customers’ attention.

We believe in transparency and provide stellar services to meet all your packaging needs. We offer 2D, 3D, and Physical sampling options to help you create beautiful and durable boxes.

Yes, you have the option to choose from various materials. We offer cardstock, rigid, corrugated, and kraft materials. You can also amp up the Packaging by utilizing two materials in conjunction.

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