5 Questions To Ask When Making Dab Cart Packaging

Dab Cart Packaging

What Is Dab Cart Packaging?

Dabs is another term for concentrated marijuana. Dab carts are cartridges filled with dabs. They are used in vaporizers that help turn the fluid into vapors for easy inhalation. As they are fragile substances, they need to be packaged adequately. Their packaging must help secure the dab carts as they transit from the manufacturing floor to the retail shops. 

Dab cart packaging is usually made of paper material. Various papers can help you make secure boxes. Furthermore, the packaging material also controls the final look of the dab cart boxes. 

The growing competition has seen manufacturers go for custom packaging. Let’s discover how you can customize your dab cart packaging. 

How To Customize Boxes For Dab Pens?

When it comes to making customized boxes for dab pens, it will help to ensure that the boxes meet your specific packaging needs. The following is a list of various customization options that can help you make unique boxes for dab pens. 

  • Business Name
  • Colors And Images
  • Image On Box Cover
  • Side Flap
  • Considerations Before Printing Labels

Your Business Name 

If you are packaging your own product, it is important to develop a unique brand identity. Your business name will appear on the cover flap of the box. You can use colors and images that accentuate it for an attractive appearance. Generally, boxes designed in white with the company logo in black look very attractive. 

Colors And Images 

You can use special colors to make your dab vape packaging unique. A general customization rule with colors is that you should ensure that the boxes look attractive and appealing. It’s also important to note that printed images must be clear and not too dark on the paper material. You can use images to express your creativity. 

The Main Image On The Box Cover 

The most important information that you need to convey about your product is printed on the cover flap of the box. Therefore, ensure that this information appears clear and bold. Since dab vape pens are fragile items, they must be carefully packaged to avoid breakage or leakage.

The Side Flap 

The manufacturer’s name, product description, and the dosage of active ingredients are some of the things that are printed on this side flap. It is advisable to use the same font size as the one used on the front cover to read important information easily.

Considerations Before Printing Your Label 

When it comes to printing a label, there are a few considerations that you need to make. You should ensure that the design of your dab pen box is based on your specific needs and branding strategies. It’s also important to note that labels must be printed on high-quality paper material. It is advisable not to choose matte labels, as they tend to fade after some time. It’s also advisable to use labels that are easy to clean and won’t crack or peel off easily.

Custom Dab Cart Packaging Boxes

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Dab Pen Boxes?

Let’s look at some benefits of using custom dab pen boxes.

  • Creativity
  • Shelf Life
  • Branding And Marketing
  • Quality 

It Will Help You To Get Creative With Your Packaging Designs

Packaging is an essential part of marketing any product. With custom boxes, you can get creative and use images that tell your brand’s story.

You Can Increase The Shelf Life Of Your Products

If a box isn’t properly sealed, it might lead to contamination and spoilage of products.

Branding And Marketing 

The way your product looks on the shelf also makes a difference in how customers perceive it. Custom boxes for dab vape pens can help increase footfall in retail shops, leading to increased revenue.

Consumers prefer boxes that offer easy access to vape pens over those that require extra attention to open. You can choose different types of box closures such as flap, glue, and magnetic seals. 

Quality Assurance

Vape pens are fragile items that must be packaged very carefully for transportation and storage. Custom Dab Pen Boxes help you maintain the quality of your products while giving them a unique appearance. Boxes that allow you to check the items from the outside also help maintain quality.

What Can Custom Prints Do For Your Dab Cart Packaging?

Imagine a plain dab cart packaging side by side with one that has attractive custom printed artwork on it. The latter would be more appealing to consumers and likely to catch their attention immediately. 

Generally, dab vape brands use custom prints on boxes or packaging material to drive brand recognition and distinguish themselves from rival products in the market. Therefore, expect most of your competitors to have attractive custom printed vape cartons.

Hence, you should add custom prints to your dab cart packaging. They can help you triumph over the competition and increase your branding. 

Printing techniques can help you make attractive-looking custom printed dab cart packaging. Many printing techniques can help you out. Let’s look at two of the most popular options. 

Digital Printing Technique

This method is considered the most popular method in this day and age. It is a fast, efficient, and cost-effective technique that can help you create high-resolution images with the help of special printers. Also known as direct imaging, digital printing uses various techniques such as inkjet printing or laser engraving to produce stunning prints on paper and other materials. Furthermore, you can create multiple copies of the same design, allowing you to send custom-printed cartons to different people.

Offset Printing Technique

This method is rather old. However, it produces the best quality prints. It involves the transfer of printed ink from a printing plate to paper. Using this method will help to be careful about the turnaround times, initial investment, and cost per print.

Why Is It Better To Buy Wholesale Cart Boxes?

It is always better to buy wholesale cart boxes because it reduces cost and saves money. Furthermore, it ensures that you don’t run out of stock in times of high demands from the customers. 

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