A Brief Guide For CBD Boxes: Packaging Material, Packaging Styles, Color Models, And Stickers.

CBD Boxes For Branding

So you’ve got your CBD products, and they are ready to be packaged. What do you need? 

You will need a box, packing material, color models for printing the boxes, stickers, or labels to decorate them. The first thing is deciding what kind of box to use: rigid paperboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft cardstock, or card stock. There are many packaging styles, from tuck-end style with a sleeve up the back to a gable design that stands upright on its own. You can also choose CMYK or PMS colors for printing your custom CBD Boxes. Last but not least, there’s choosing to decorate your CBD boxes with stickers or labels.

This blog will look at the different packaging materials, packaging styles, color models, and add-ons like custom stickers. 

Let’s Begin

Packaging Materials For Custom CBD Boxes

Packaging materials such as rigid paperboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft, and cardstock are used to make custom CBD boxes. Keep in mind that there is a tradeoff between strength and weight. The more material you use, the sturdier your box will be, but the heavier it will be too.

The following are the packaging materials that can help you make outstanding custom CBD boxes.

  • Rigid Paperboard
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Eco-Friendly Kraft
  • Cardstock

Rigid Paperboard

The rigid paperboard material offers a wonderful combination of structural strength and visual appeal. This material is usually thicker than 34 points. Thus, rigid paperboard can hold its shape and is often used in the packaging to ship luxurious products overseas. The rigid paperboard material has a smooth finish like cardstock, but it is stronger than regular cardstock. 

Corrugated Cardboard

The corrugated cardboard material offers strength, structure, and multiple uses. This material consists of stacked flat sheets. The flutes are glued together with alternating layers called “flute direction.” The corrugated board comes in various weights: lightweight (50 lbs), medium weight (75 lbs), and heavy-duty (100+ lbs). A medium-weight corrugated board is most common for custom CBD boxes because it manages to be strong and lightweight. 

Eco-Friendly Kraft

The kraft material provides a uniform, natural color at a low cost. This type of board is made from recycled paper, so it’s an eco-friendly option for your custom CBD boxes. It has multiple uses, such as the packaging industry. Still, it is not suitable for printing with high-quality results because of its uniform color and rough texture. 


The cardstock material offers a stylish and professional look that looks like rigid paperboard. However, they are lighter in weight and have a lower price. If you choose cardstock, you can print on both sides of the material, allowing more creativity in designing your custom CBD boxes. However,

It can be helpful to note that cardstock material cannot withstand the rigors of long-distance shipping. Thus, they are best-suited to make custom retail CBD boxes.  


Packaging Styles For Custom CBD Boxes

There are three main packaging styles for custom CBD boxes: tuck-end style, sleeve style, and gable style. Some other styles include pocket flaps and various insertion styles like drop flaps and folded tabs. These types of packaging styles work well when creating unique custom CBD boxes. 

Tuck-End Style

The tuck-end style is one of the simplest designs featuring only flat sheets (flutes) glued together end-to-end. The flutes are glued together in the same direction. This type of design is simple because it only requires one print job to cover both sides of the box. 

Sleeve Style

The sleeve style uses two sections; one contains the product and overlaps the packaging for extra aesthetic appeal. This packaging style allows you to print on all four flaps. Thus, it gives your brand more exposure at no extra cost. The sleeve style can be made with any flute direction. However, this is most common when stacked horizontally and glued together. 

Gable Style

This style offers a way to handle the packaging easily. It offers a flap that allows the retailers to hang the packaging on their display stands. Furthermore, the gable style lets you print on both sides of the box, giving your product a more professional look. Like sleeve style boxes, this type of custom CBD box can be done with any flute direction. However, it is most common when stacked vertically and glued together. 

CBD Boxes Color Models

Color Models For Custom Printed CBD Boxes

Custom Printed CBD boxes can be printed in different color modes. It would help to choose between these models based on your brand guidelines or what you think will work best with your design. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of using two of the most popular choices of color models.

  • CMYK
  • PMS


The CMYK color model can produce more dithering, which results in smoother gradients. Yet, this model also does not provide good color accuracy. CMYK prints best on dark satin or high gloss paper types.


The PMS color mode offers a better color gamut than CMYK since it uses more ink colors, including metallic and pastel hues. The downside of this model is that it requires you to know specific Pantone numbers for the exact hue you want to print with. 

PMS can be more expensive for most custom CBD boxes than standard CMYK color models. Thus, it will help to keep this factor in consideration when making custom printed CBD boxes.  

Labels And Stickers For Decorating Custom CBD Boxes 

CBD Boxes Stickers and Label

You can decorate custom CBD boxes with stickers or labels depending on your brand guidelines. 

Labels work well for small to medium size boxes. They offer a subtler and classic look than stickers and can be easily removed if desired. However, labels can be difficult to apply, and you’ll need a good adhesive for sticking them to the surface of your product’s packaging. We recommend using clear ones to make your box design visible even after applying the label if you opt for labels. 

Stickers are great for decorating custom CBD boxes since they’re easy to remove or reposition if needed. Sticker offers more vivid colors. Thus, they can help pull potential customers from afar.

In Conclusion

So there you have it. This guide will help you design custom CBD boxes. It goes over the rigid paperboard, corrugated cardboard, cardstock, and Kraft packaging materials. Furthermore, it covers the tuck-end, sleeve, and gable packaging styles for CBD boxes. Moreover, it discusses the CMYK and PMS color models for custom printed CBD Boxes. Finally, it looks at the benefits of using stickers and labels for decorating custom CBD boxes. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customers care representatives. CBD Custom Boxes is committed to bringing you the best quality among any manufacturers in the market. Get in touch to place your orders today.