All You Need To Know About Custom Cannabis Boxes

Custom Cannabis Boxes wholesale packaging

What Are Cannabis Boxes?

Cannabis boxes cover a wide range of products and offer them secure packaging. These boxes can secure your cannabis products and provide a substrate of attractive printing, fun add-ons, and fantastic finishing coats. These varieties of options add value to your packaging. They help attract customers to the uniqueness of your custom cannabis packaging boxes.

Custom Cannabis Boxes And How They Benefit You

Custom cannabis boxes help you add a unique branding style and transform simple packaging into an effective marketing tool. Hence, custom cannabis boxes are becoming the industry go-to option. Furthermore, they can be made into many forms. Custom boxes allow you to create a tailored solution to many packaging concerns that you might encounter. 

Which Packaging Materials Should You Choose For Cannabis Boxes?

The packaging materials are the fundamental component to make any packaging. The different available material options carry several properties. These properties help you create many kinds of boxes. Exclusive Mockups for Branding and Packaging Design

It will help if you choose your packaging material option depending on the application of the custom boxes. For example, suppose you are looking to create cannabis subscription boxes. In that case, you might want to look into materials that can stay secure while going through short and long-distance shipping.

Corrugated and rigid materials will become your go-to options. These materials have the necessary strength to protect your products. At the same time, they handle the rigors of transit. Suppose you want to increase your products’ perceived value. In that case, you will narrow down the choice to rigid materials because of their exceptional print quality.

For more traditional retail style packaging, you can’t go wrong with cardstock material. This material is easy to shape and features an impressive print quality. It is lightweight and allows many boxes to be shipped together, keeping the costs low. However, they lack the necessary durability to withstand long-distance or international shipping. They must be housed in stronger packaging options.

Suppose you want to consider a packaging solution that has a low impact on the environment. In that case, you might look into eco-friendly Kraft materials. These materials are created from naturally occurring wood chips. Therefore, they can be recycled. This biodegradable material is lightweight and can be formed into many attractive shapes.

Printing Techniques And Color Models That Decorate Your Cannabis Boxes   

You can decorate custom packaging in many ways. Printing attractive and intricate designs helps increase customer satisfaction. Furthermore, it lets them know that you put thought and effort into your products’ packaging. It would help if you looked for printing techniques that create smudge-free and high-quality prints. It will help if you think about the initial cost of these printing techniques. Moreover, some of them require a considerable investment of time and may take a long time to complete your order. 

Offset Or Digital Printing For Cannabis Boxes

Cannabis boxes wholesale

Take, for example, cannabis tincture boxes. Suppose you want to incorporate a photo-image high-quality print of a cannabis plant on several packaging boxes. Your artwork is finalized along with any required labels. You have sufficient capital and time to invest in the printing process. Offset printing, also known as lithography, should be on the top of your list of techniques to consider.

This printing technique uses two plates to transfer the image onto the packaging material. The plates require a long manufacturing time. Hence, the turnaround times are increased. Furthermore, making design changes once the plates are manufactured is a challenging task.

However, if you require a printing technique that provides good quality prints with a low turnaround time, you should consider digital printing. Your image is transferred directly to the printer, much like the typical office printer.  Making changes is easy because the design is digital. Furthermore, the initial investment won’t break your bank.

CMYK And PMS Color Models

Color models are standard ways to produce colors. Some color models have intense and vibrant shades, like the CMYK model. In this color model, cyan, magenta, yellow, and black are mixed. The color gradient is intense. However, it isn’t easy to reproduce over different printers. The Pantone Matching System (PMS) color model does not have this problem. It uses special codes for each color in its spectrum of over 1800 shades.

Customization Options To Adorn Cannabis Boxes

Customizations help you create unique branding styles. They embellish your custom cannabis packaging boxes.  Furthermore, these customizations can be brand and product-specific. Some customization options focus on modifying specific packaging areas, while some envelop boxes as a whole.

Create Brand-Enhancing Cannabis Boxes Using Add-Ons

These customizations enhance your packaging by producing a textural change that customers can appreciate. Furthermore, with some of these options, you can benefit from added features and increase the customer experience. Custom Printed Cannabis Boxes packaging

Customers prefer cannabis grow boxes for sale with window patching over those that don’t have this add-on. Window patching allows you to view the box without exposing the contents to the outside environment. 

However, every add-on is not functional, and some are added to increase the visual look of the boxes. Embossing/debossing your brand artwork or text creates a unique focusing point on your packaging. Hot stamping allows you to highlight the lettering and edges by adding a metallic foil. Spot UV seals in the printed colors, protecting them from environmental wear and tear.

Finishing Coats That Add Style To Cannabis Boxes

Finishing coats are another type of customization option. These options envelop the boxes and help you change the outlook of your packaging. Cannabis packaging Boxes Wholesale

You can create many artistic-looking boxes. For example, you can reduce your printed colors’ brightness by using a matte coating or increase the light’s reflection using a gloss coating. The varnish coat has effects between matte and gloss, so you are not limited in your options. Furthermore, you can even use a soft-touch coating that, as the name suggests, makes your custom packaging have a gentle, velvety feel.

Cannabis Boxes Prototypes To Visualize Your Designs

When choosing a manufacturer, you must see if they offer any prototyping options like physical unit sampling. Some of these sampling options only include a 2D die-card with scoring lines or a 3D folding video. Whatever the case, it is helpful that your manufacturer can display your finalized design before committing to a bulk order.

At CBD Custom Boxes, we produce exceptional quality custom cannabis boxes for wholesale and retail purposes. Call us to connect with our team of experts to begin your packaging journey here.