An Introduction To Creating Outstanding Hemp Boxes


What Are Hemp Boxes?

Hemp products are becoming popular day by day since their legalization in the past years. People have started using hemp products due to their unique benefits. Hemp packaging is responsible for safeguarding these products from the manufacturing floor to the retail shelves.

Custom Hemp Boxes And Their Uses

Custom hemp boxes for wholesale and retail can become a powerful marketing tool if used effectively. The different sizes and shapes can cater to a host of products. Furthermore, creating artistic forms is bound to entice your customers to give your product a try.

Packaging Materials For Secure Hemp Boxes

The packaging materials are an essential component of any custom packaging. You should choose the packaging materials based on the application of your custom packaging. Some general properties should be present all across your options, properties like adequate product protection and the ability to incorporate long-lasting printing and additional customizations.

Take hemp gift boxes as an example. You want to create a box that increases your hemp products’ perceived value and makes a genuinely pristine-looking box with fantastic durability. Your go-to options should include rigid materials, as these materials are impressively strong while being attractive.

However, suppose you want more versatility in your packaging material. In that case, you will get a better return on investment using hemp cardboard boxes. Cardboard materials are adaptable to many situations, and they can be cut and shaped in various forms.

Eco-friendly Kraft materials allow you to create environmentally sustainable packaging. Kraft materials are made from wood chips from trees that are abundant. This material is biodegradable and lightweight.

Cardstock materials are also a lightweight option that is easily cut. Furthermore, this material has the unique ability to make your printed artwork and text pop. Remember that cardstock materials are not incredibly durable and require additional packaging when transporting over long distances.

That is where corrugated materials come to aid you. These materials contain fluted cellulose fibers between the layers, which increases their strength considerably. This structure allows corrugated materials to remain secure as they go through shipping and retail handling. Corrugated materials are ideal for storing and shipping much smaller retail packaging.

How To Print Attractive Designs On Hemp Boxes?

Printing techniques allow you to add intricate designs and bold lettering to your custom hemp boxes. Wholesale and retail boxes look even more enticing with an attractive design. You must ensure that the printing technique you use produces a smudge-free, long-lasting print that can withstand wear and tear.

Wholesale Hemp Boxes

Digital printing produces such good quality prints quickly while remaining cost-effective. This printing technique is a direct method, which means that the image is transferred from a digital source without going through the hassle of printing plates. Hence, you can make design changes when necessary. Since the initial setup is economical and done quickly, you can start the printing promptly and achieve low turnaround times.

Digital printing is suitable for producing low-volume prints cost-effectively. However, suppose you have a large volume order and want the best possible print quality. In that case, you should consider looking into the offset printing method. This technique requires manufacturing printing plates before printing; hence, turnaround times and the initial investment are high. Furthermore, design changes are hard to make

Add A Splash Of Color To Your Hemp Boxes

Color models are a way to produce colors. These models use different procedures to create fantastic shades that can make your hemp boxes take a life of their own. There are many color models in the world, but two are widely used in packaging industries worldwide.

If you want your custom hemp boxes to look captivating using your printed colors, you can’t go wrong with the CMYK color model. This color model uses four primary colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) and mixes them with pure white to produce vibrant shades. The color gradient allows you to choose from a range of hues.

The problem posed by the CMYK color model is that reproducing the exact color gradient is challenging over different printing jobs; hence, color accuracy suffers. This challenge is overcome with the Pantone Matching System (PMS). This system has over 1800 colors. Although the range of colors seems limited, each of the shades in this spectrum has a unique identification code. That makes reproducing the same brand colors a straightforward task.

Customize Your Hemp Boxes For Added Value

Customizations take many forms; some focus on producing a textural change on a particular part of the packaging, while the others envelop the entire box in a beautiful coating. Customization options are equivalent to the garnishing on a finished plate of food; they don’t change the flavor, yet they increase the finished product’s aesthetic value. Mockup Hemp Boxes

Add-Ons To Spice Up The Texture Of Hemp Boxes

These customizations are area-specific. Add-ons change the texture of a specific part of the packaging. They can range from spot UV that seal in the printed colors to emboss/deboss, raising the sink an image onto the packaging.

Add-ons such as hot stamping and window patching are also widely popular. Hot stamping can be used to decorate the package’s lettering and edges using a thin metallic foil. In comparison, window patching allows the product inside the packaging to be visible.

Finishing Coats For Hemp Boxes That Add Flair

Finishing coats are another type of customization option. Different finishing coats produce a different style of effects. For example, using a matte finishing coat will create an elegant and classy-looking hemp box. In contrast, a gloss finishing coat will make the box shine and dazzle the recipient. 

The varnish finishing coat has effects between matte and glossy, without going to one extreme. Some finishing coats affect the beholders’ tactile sense, like the soft-touch finishing.

Hemp Box Prototypes To Finalize Your Design


Playing around the many different options seems a lot of fun, but you must ensure that you can view your designs. A good practice is to see if the manufacturer has prototyping options. A flat view of the print and scoring lines helps you judge the print quality. A 3D mock-up will allow you to picture the edges. A physical unit sample will enable you to hold the complete packaging. Prototyping options offer you ease of mind as you can implement necessary changes before committing to a bulk order.

CBD Custom Boxes offers you many options to create packaging for a host of hemp products. From hemp paper boxes to hemp flower packaging and even hemp essential oil boxes. We have the resources that can fulfill your requirements; all you need to do is reach out.