Get The Perfect Vape Boxes To Complement Your Product


What Are Vape Boxes?

Vape boxes are specially crafted to contain vapes protectively in their best form. They also present vapes attractively in the market attractively to gain customer attention. Vapes are a popular product and are in high demand. The increase in production is leading to increased competition between vape manufacturing companies. 

When you have designed and launched the perfect vapes in the market, you need to make them get noticed by the buyers. If your product is not presented attractively in the market, it won’t get noticed hence, will lose customers. So, here is where packaging plays a highly significant role. Your vape boxes will make the first impression of your products on the customers, which must be positive. 

Custom CBD Boxes will make the best vape boxes for you that will instantly grasp customer’s attention and make them curious about your product. You’ll have vape pen boxes that will stand out in a crowd of competitors and make your brand get more recognition. 

Get Your Vape Boxes Customized

Now how do we make good vape boxes that instantly get noticed and make a mark on customer’s minds? Here is how; customization is the key to making exclusive and alluring vape packaging. You may use durable packaging materials, innovative printing techniques, vibrant color models, add-ons, and finishing coats of your choice from our wide variety and design the best vape boxes. 

How To Select A Packaging Material For Vape Boxes?

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The selection of packaging materials depends on what design you want your vapes to be presented with. Your choice of print, color model, application of add-ons, and finishing coats, all determine the choice of packaging material, as it must be able to carry the customizations reliably.
Now, the needs of your product presentation, marketing, and sales are considered while choosing the right kind of packaging material. 

Corrugated Material

For instance, if your product needs long-distance shipping and storage, you must select sturdy and durable packaging like corrugated material.

Cardboard Material

On the other hand, if you require alluring vape cartridge packaging that can undergo multiple customizations and carry them well, you may opt for cardboard. 

Kraft Material

Then there is Kraft that can fulfil similar requirements while being environmentally friendly and projects a positive impression of your brand on the society. 

Rigid Material 

Our premium rigid material is not to be missed. It is the densest, with support for multiple customizations. You can create luxury vape cartridge packaging or exclusive vape gift boxes with rigid material. It gives your product a high-end look adding to the perceived quality of your vapes.

Printing Techniques To Decorate Your Vape Packaging

custom printed Vape packaging Boxes

Your vape boxes need printing to look attractive and to promote your brand. Plain and dull packaging has become obsolete and fails to catch attention. Custom CBD Boxes has up-to-the-minute printing options that give vape pen boxes a fashionable look. The technique you opt for depends on the turnaround time, quality of image you require, and the budget you are ready to devote to it. 

Offset Printing

Offset printing takes a few days to deliver the print as the process requires an initial setup. However, it produces an image of high quality and is economically feasible for large-scale orders only. 

Digital Printing

In comparison, digital printing is a versatile and handy technique that quickly delivers the print. The image quality it provides is good but lower as compared to offset printing. It is economical for large and small-scale orders both.

Color Models To Bring Life To Vape Packaging

A color model must also accompany the printing technique you choose according to your brand and product requirements. The two popular color models are PMS and CMYK. 

PMS Color Model

PMS Color Printing

PMS denotes Pantone Matching System – a universal color model used for spot colors. It has over 1800 shades in its palette, each represented by a specific code to avoid confusion. It is capable of providing accurate and consistent shading even when used through different devices.

CMYK Color Model

CMYK is a subtractive color model which provides vibrant, multicolored images. Though it may not ensure color consistency and accuracy when applied through different printers.  It uses four primary colors, i.e., Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black, to produce more shades.
You may select the suitable color model option depending on your vape packaging design and brand representation. 

Pulsating Add-ons for Vape Boxes

Now, how can we make our best vape boxes look a class apart? Pulsating add-ons can create magic here to grab customer’s attention. To add some uniqueness and exclusivity to our vape packaging, we have a variety of add-ons. 


Custom CBD Boxes offers top-notch add-ons, including embossing, debossing, spot UV, window patching, and hot stamping. These add-ons impart exciting effects to the packaging design, brand title, and logo to make it look exclusive. These add to the customer experience by providing them attractive touchpoints, see-through windows, and exciting visuals in metallic, glossy, matte, shiny, and holographic effects. 

Add A Finishing Touch To Your Nicely Designed Vape Boxes

After selecting a particular add-on or combining these, you may like to give your packaging a final, smooth look. There are varieties of finishing coats that you would like to apply to your vape pen boxes. 

Matte Finishing Coat

To give your vape boxes a classy, smooth finish that shouldn’t be shiny, you may go for a matte finish. 

Glossy Finishing Coat

If you want to give your best vape boxes a bold and polished finish that instantly grabs attention, you can avail the glossy finish effect. 

Varnish Finishing Coat

But if you don’t like matte and not too shiny finish, you may go for a varnish finishing coat that would give vape boxes a smooth and subtle shine. 

Soft-Touch Finishing Coat

We have another premium and unique option; our soft-touch finish, that leaves customers mesmerized with the soft and velvety feel of the vape packaging. It is also good to go as vape gift boxes due to the premium feels it conveys to the customers. 

How About Some Prototyping?

After deciding on the perfect vape packaging design, you must use the prototyping option to ensure it satisfies your product requirements.

The design’s structural integrity and final look must be evaluated before the bulk order to avoid any problem. Custom CBD Boxes makes it super easy with their prototyping options in virtual and physical forms. They provide 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional prototypes to assess design specifications. You can also avail physical sample that is the unit of final design to evaluate your packaging design by all means. This ensures customer satisfaction and confidence. 

All Set To Get The Perfect Vape Boxes?

Your vape products need good vape boxes to make them stand out on the retail shelf. The product gets noticed and judged by the packaging, so more attention should be paid to it. Custom CBD Boxes ensure you avail of the best vape boxes that market for themselves and promote the brand with tailored specifications. Avail the best packaging out of all with unique features and customizations to complement your product and brand. Reach out to get the best of all!