Custom CBD Bath Salts Boxes


Custom CBD Bath Salts Boxes That Resonate With Your Brand

Is inadequate packaging the reason you are damaging your brand image and product? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a company that focuses on producing boxes that help you win in a competitive market? CBD Custom Boxes is here to help you achieve your goals.

Our CBD bath salts boxes are made to offer you a template for your creativity to shine. Our customizations help you stand out. We provide printing techniques and color models to decorate your boxes with eye-catching designs. Ensure the safety of your product with our packaging materials. Contact us now, and let’s mesmerize your customers.



What Are CBD Bath Salts Boxes?

Bath salts that are imbued with CBD compounds are becoming highly popular in the market due to their entertainment value and health benefits. These products are stored as small flakes and must be packaged such that they don’t react with the environment and degrade.

CBD Custom Boxes creates custom CBD bath salts boxes for wholesale and retail applications. Our packaging ensures that your products remain safe from boxing to their eventual use. With our packaging solutions, you can promote your brand and market your products efficiently.

Splendid Customizations To Create Unique CBD Bath Salts Boxes

We offer customization options that can transform your bland packaging into exclusive and cheerful boxes. We have classified them as per their coverage area and mentioned them below.

Charming add-ons

Fascinating finishing coats

Charming Add-Ons For CBD Bath Salts Boxes

Our add-on options allow for creative and fun expressions of your brand. We have listed our most popular choices below.

  • Window Pathing
  • Spot UV
  • Emboss/deboss
  • Hot Stamping

Window Patching

Window patching is used to endear your customers to your brand. This add-on provides a window through which your customers can view the product without opening the package.

Spot UV

This add-on uses ultra-violet light to ‘cure’ the printed colors and seal them in. The result is a smooth, raised structure that makes the entire box look fresh.


Raise (emboss) or indent (deboss) or brand artwork or text with the help of a male and female die. These dies come together to form a negative space that is imparted on your packaging.

Hot Stamping

This add-on is known as foiling. We attach a metallic foil onto the package with the aid of heat and pressure. We can modify the foil to exhibit a matte, gloss, or holographic effect.

Fascinating Finishing Coats For CBD Bath Salts Boxes

We offer finishing coats that envelop the entire packaging. We have explained the effects of our widely used finishing coats below.

  • Matte
  • Gloss
  • Varnish
  • Soft-Touch

Matte Finish

This finishing coat lowers the brightness of colors and produces an elegant look.

Gloss Finish

This coating increases light reflections, making the custom CBD bath salts packaging sparkle on retail shelves.

Varnish Finish

The effect of this coating can be thought of as a ‘subdued gloss’ finishing.

Soft-Touch Finish

The soft-touch finishing coat wraps the packaging in a gentle embrace.

Packaging for CBD bath salts wholesale and retail is becoming exceedingly competitive. Our customization options help you win this competition; click here to learn more.

Wonderful Printing Techniques For CBD Bath Salts Boxes

At CBD Custom Boxes, we add value to your packaging by incorporating stellar printing techniques. Our selection of methods allows us to produce high-quality prints efficiently. Please have a look below for a better understanding.

  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing

Digital Printing

Digital printing should be your go-to choice if you want to remain cost-effective while ordering small volume printing quantities. The print quality isn’t the best, but good enough. The real advantages of this technique lie in its quick turnaround times and efficient setup. Furthermore, on-the-go changes are made with ease.

Offset Printing

Offset printing, also known as lithography, produces the highest quality print. However, this technique is only considered cost-effective for high-volume orders because of the extensive time taken to set up the machine in the first place. Moreover, incorporating design changes is not recommended due to the time taken to manufacture new printing plates.

Stunning Color Models For CBD Bath Salts Boxes

We use our color models to help you add a tasteful flavor to your printed bath salt boxes. Our color models help you create vibrant and brand-accurate colors. Please have a look at our description below for a better understanding.

  • PMS
  • CMYK

PMS Color Model

The Pantone Matching System uses unique codes to distinguish colors in its spectrum of over 1800 shades. Since each color has its identification, it is straightforward for printers to reproduce exact brand colors. Furthermore, this model is cost-effective in producing designs with a low number of colors.

CMYK Color Model

Cyan, magenta, yellow, and black are mixed against a pure white background. We suggest this model if clients require to create intense and vibrant color gradients. Since there are no distinguishing factors, producing a specific shade repeatedly can become a problem. This method is considered worthwhile if the design comprises several colors.

Our printing techniques and color models help you add a splash of life to your custom CBD bath salts packaging; connect with our team to learn more.

Incredible Packaging Materials For CBD Bath Salts Boxes

The packaging materials are the basis of any great box. We offer options that can keep your bath salts safe as they go through shipping and retail.

Our packaging materials help you create custom CBD bath salts boxes for wholesale and retail. These bath salts boxes can entrance your customers. We also offer varieties that are 100% recyclable and help you create environmentally-friendly packages.

We have mentioned some of our most used options below.

  • Corrugated
  • Rigid
  • Eco-friendly Kraft
  • Cardstock

Our packaging materials are the epitome of quality. They offer a stable base for your designing choice to shine through and capture the market; click here to learn more.

Noteworthy Prototyping Options For CBD Bath Salts Boxes

We want our clients to not feel pressured when using our various customizations. Thus, we offer prototyping options that help you precisely see which of your choices match your branding ideologies. We offer the following prototyping options:

  • 2D Die-Card
  • 3D Folding Animation
  • Physical Unit Sampling

Let’s Design Magnificent CBD Bath Salts Boxes 

At CBD Custom Boxes, we create mind-blowing packaging for CBD bath salts boxes. Wholesale and retail boxes require a unique factor to make them stand out. We achieve this with our customizations, printing techniques, and color models. Our packaging material ensures product safety. Join us, and let’s begin designing exclusive boxes for your CBD bath salt catalog.

Drown Your Competition With Our Custom Packaging

At CBD Custom Boxes, we create custom CBD bath salts boxes that leave an everlasting impression. With our packaging, you get the best of everything. Contact Us


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