CBD Hemp Boxes

Hemp products have a high demand due to their popularity and usefulness. These need to be packaged properly and carefully to maintain their quality and form. Being a hemp products manufacturer, you must be concerned about the reliability of packaging boxes for your products. You don’t have to worry anymore because CBD Custom Boxes is here to look after your product packaging needs.

We offer a variety of custom packaging solutions to cater to your products’ packaging and branding needs. We offer customization options, including packaging materials, printing techniques, and color models for you to order packaging according to your specific needs. Furthermore, we offer add-ons and finishing coats to display your products attractively on a retail shelf. Moreover, you can order prototypes of your CBD hemp boxes before proceeding with the bulk orders. 

All you have to do is call CBD Custom Boxes and start designing your custom hemp packaging with us. 


What Are Hemp Boxes For?

Hemp products are a versatile and sustainable resource that can be used for food, medicines, biofuel, and more. CBD Custom Boxes offer eco-friendly packaging solutions for hemp product producers who want to showcase their goods in the best light possible. Our CBD hemp boxes will show off your products beautifully with no need for any additional decoration or embellishments! We also provide custom printed labels on each box if you would like an extra design element that is unique to your company or brand identity! Also, you’ll save time and money by ordering from us because we’re happy to do all the work of printing and assembling your boxes – you just let us know the kind of design you want.

We offer a full range of hemp packaging solutions, from small orders to large production runs. We can help you find the perfect solution for your needs. We specialize in custom sizes and shapes that are tailored to fit your specific product’s needs as well as fast turnaround times.

Packaging Materials To Craft Hemp Boxes:

While choosing a packaging material for CBD hemp boxes, you need to consider the nature of your hemp products and your business needs. The packaging must be strong, attractive, and environmentally friendly. For this reason, it is essential to use a material that has a small ecological footprint during its manufacture as well as when disposed of after use. Ideal hemp packaging material is one made from renewable resources, is durable, and be able to withstand customizations. 

Here are some materials that can be used to craft CBD packaging:

  • Cardstock Material 
  • Rigid Material 
  • Kraft Material
  • Corrugated Material

Printing Techniques For Customizing Hemp Boxes

You can customize CBD hemp boxes with the help of printing techniques to make them look attractive. These should be selected according to the volume, quantity, and delivery dates of orders placed by the customers. You can create brand-specific designs, themes, and messages with the help of the printing techniques mentioned below:

Digital Printing:

In digital printing, the designs are transformed into a digital format. This technique is ideal for those who use eco-friendly materials as there will be no wastage of paper. Using this technique, one can create custom printed boxes within a very short time and make sure that the design’s colors remain brighter for a longer period of time.

Offset Printing: 

It uses metal plates for creating images on the surface of box covers. This type of printing provides high-definition images on custom printed hemp boxes and gives an edge to your company’s image among customers.

Color Models For Hemp Packaging Boxes

Color is a vital element in the branding and marketing of products. An appealing color scheme can attract customers’ attention, while cleverly-placed colors can communicate specific messages to target audiences. Many companies frequently redesign their CBD hemp boxes packaging to fit with their latest marketing campaigns or offer seasonal specials to stay ahead of the competition. The color models we offer are:

CMYK Color Model: 

It is a subtractive color model that uses all of the colors of the CMYK printing process: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. In the CMYK color model, all colors are derived from different levels of black ink. This expanded process offers even more accurate representation for the majority of commercial printing applications.

PMS Color Model: 

Pantone Matching System (PMS) is the proprietary standard used by nearly all commercial print shops in specifying colors. It uses a numbered system of inks so precise that virtually every monitor and printer can “guess” the PMS color coordinates based on this numbering system.

Add-Ons And Finishing Coats For Embellishing Hemp Packaging Boxes

You can apply additional features to give hemp packaging boxes textural and visual effects. For example, you’ll be able to embed certain patterns into your hemp packaging boxes using the following techniques:

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Spot Uv Treatment
  • Hot Stamping
  • Window Patching

You can use these decorative features separately or create an attractive combination to make your CBD boxes stand out. Furthermore, there are spectacular finishing coats that can enhance the durability and appearance of the hemp packaging boxes. 

The Options You Have In Finishing Coats Are:

  • Gloss finishing
  • Matte finishing
  • Varnish finishing
  • Soft-touch finishing

You can choose a single finishing coat to cover the whole CBD packaging box. These make your hemp packaging boxes appear more attractive and eye-catching. 

Prototyping Options For Custom Hemp Boxes

When you have finalized the design of your custom hemp boxes, you can order a prototype to assess the final design virtually as well as physically before moving forward with the bulk order. We offer prototypes in the following forms:

  • 2D sample
  • 3D sample
  • Physical sample

Gain Customer Attention With The Help Of Custom Hemp Packaging

Customers are more attracted to products that look good. You can make the design of your hemp boxes better with the help of printing techniques and finishing coats. You have an option in choosing from a variety of color models, add-ons, and prototyping options when it comes to making your product stand out on shelves or online. Get in touch with CBD Custom Boxes and let us know how you want your packaging to be, and we will take care of the rest.


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