Custom CBD Massage Oil Boxes

Is your packaging effectively representing your brand?

Do you run a business of CBD oils and want to boost your sales? Is your product not getting enough attention in the retail market? Do you feel something is missing in your product presentation? Well, CBD Custom Boxes is here to help you out! We provide you with packaging that will amp up your marketing game with attractive packaging that best fits your product requirements. 

We provide you custom packaging that enhances your brand recognition and product promotion with exclusive features. These include varieties in packaging materials, printing techniques, color models, add-ons, and finishing coats. Call us to get started!



What Are CBD Massage Oil Boxes?

CBD massage oils are derivatives of cannabis plants and are widely used for the benefits that they offer. They provide relief from inflammation, pain, and anxiety. Due to their popularity and services, many manufacturers are running the business of CBD massage oils. To make a place in the market and gain customers’ attention, you need to level up your packaging designs. 

A dull and basic packaging has become a tale of ancient times. People now go after innovative and artistic ideas. They love to show and own products that are exclusive and have a unique sense. CBD Custom Boxes is here to provide you with custom packaging for your products that keep them in perfect form and presents them effectively in the market. You are free to choose from our variety of customization options for even Wholesale CBD massage oil boxes.  

Reliable Packaging Materials for CBD Massage Oil Boxes   

As oils are primarily contained in glass bottles, you must pay attention to their packaging, which must provide safety from breakage and leakage. You can select from our variety of materials given below:

Cardboard Material

Cardboard is a popular retail packaging material. Most brands use it owing to its ability to support customization applications and the ability to be cut into different sizes and shapes. It can be made into different thicknesses as per requirements.

Corrugated Material

It is mainly used for shipping and storing products, whether large or small. Thanks to its fluted structure, it provides protection and support to the contents. It is made of cellulose fiber and is 100% recyclable.

Kraft Material

It is a sustainable option for packaging as it is environmentally as well as economically feasible. You can easily make it into different sizes and shapes. It is supportive of multiple customization options and printing methods. 

Rigid Material

It is mainly used for luxury products. You can use it for CBD massage oils packaging to withstand pressure and external factors being thick and robust. It also represents premium products and adds to the perceived quality of a product. 

Add-Ons to Make Your Packaging Innovative

CBD Custom Boxes bring to you exciting add-ons that decorate your packaging and make customers curious. You can choose from the following options:

Spot UV

To add a pop to a specified area on your packaging. With spot UV, a smooth, sheen effect is applied to the brand logo, title, or essential details.


Give your CBD massage oil packaging an exclusive touch by making your brand logo or title font sunken below the surface.


Give your customers an exclusive touchpoint on your product packaging with a raised above surface effect with debossing.


With foiling or hot stamping, give a reflective, shiny effect to your font and logo. A foil is heated and pressed on the packaging surface in this process.

Window Patching

A transparent sheet is attached in a die-cut window of the box. It lets customers see the product without opening the packaging. 

Color Models to Enhance Your Product Packaging

Color models are used to make your CBD massage oil packaging appear vibrant and lively. We have two color models mentioned below for you to pick as you want:

PMS Color Model

Pantone Matching System or PMS is a famous color model. It has over 1100 colors on its palette and uses numbers to denote them. Thanks to the coding system, it offers accuracy and consistency in shading and thus is commonly used for brand representation.   

CMYK Color Model

It is a color model based on four primary colors; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black). Mixing these colors in forms other shades. It has a limitation of lacking color accuracy over different devices. Though, it provides vibrant colors and is preferred to be used for multicolored designs. 

Our expert team will help you decide the best applications for your packaging designs. 

Printing Techniques for Creative CBD Massage Oil Packaging

CBD Custom Boxes provides you following printing techniques options so that you can pick the one that suits your priorities and design specifications. 

Offset Printing

Offset printing or lithography is a printing technique based on two steps method. The design image is made on a rubber plate; first, dyed, and image printed on a sheet. It has a turnaround time of a few days and needs an initial setup. The print is of excellent quality. It is economically feasible for bulk orders only. 

Digital Printing

Digital Printing is a quick and versatile method. It is a straightforward process of transferring a digitized image on the packaging material through the printer. Furthermore, it does not require an initial setup every time, and the turnaround time is quick. It produces good quality images but not as good as the offset method.

Finishing Coats for A Crisp Packaging

CBD Custom Boxes offer you choices of finishing coats to give your packaging a smooth and crisp appearance. You can choose from the following options:

  • Matte Finish
  • Varnish Finish
  • Glossy Finish
  • Soft-Touch Finish

Prototyping for CBD Massage Oil Boxes

CBD Custom Boxes makes prototypes for its clients to ensure their satisfaction with the design. We offer the following prototyping options:

  • 2D Prototyping
  • 3D Prototyping
  • Physical Prototyping

Get Your Custom CBD Massage Oil Boxes

CBD custom boxes provide you with custom packaging with exciting options to choose from. They add value to your brand and enhance the customer’s experience. You can make your CBD massage oil boxes look a class apart from a multitude of business rivals. Our customization applications add to the product’s perceived quality and work as a marketing medium for your brand. All set to place your order for CBD massage oil boxes at wholesale rates? Give us a call today!


We Provide You Custom Packaging to Make Your Brand Grow

Let’s start designing your exclusive packaging for CBD massage oils. It will take your brand to new heights by enticing customers to explore your products and boost sales. Call Now!


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