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Preroll Packaging To Get Your Customers Rolling

Are you having trouble meeting your prerolls sales target? Is your product being effectively exhibited on the retail shelf? It would be best if you had specially made cannabis preroll packaging that showcases your product and highlights your brand among the competitors. 

CBD Custom Boxes understands the importance of packaging and helps you get the most effective one with customization options covering materials for packaging, printing methods, color models, add-ons, and finishing coats. Our custom preroll packaging will enhance your customer’s experience and promote your delicate product wherever it is exhibited. Call us to avail the best custom preroll packaging. 



What Is Preroll Packaging?

Preroll joints are made from components of the cannabis plant. People like to smoke prerolls that are available in different strains. Cannabis plant extracts are rolled like a cigarette in the paper to facilitate customers and save them from the hassle of grinding weed and rolling the joint.
These delicate prerolls require packaging for the maintenance of quality and preserving them in the best form. Custom CBD Boxes provides you preroll packaging wholesale to save your prerolls from getting damaged due to external factors. It also exhibits them like no other brand in the market.
You can get custom preroll packaging with our exciting options and intricate details in combination or separately to make your product steal the limelight from all others. We provide you choices in the following fantastic options:

  • Packaging Materials
  • Color Models
  • Printing Techniques
  • Add-ons
  • Finishing Coats

Please don’t get confused when choosing from a variety of exciting options. We are here to help you decide the best one for your cannabis preroll packaging. 

Trendy Packaging Materials for Custom Preroll Packaging

You want your product to look classy yet be secure while being displayed. It would be best if you considered a few attributes while choosing to package for your products. It must provide support and protection to the product and be durable and sturdy enough to withstand external pressures. Economic feasibility is also an essential factor here. Here we provide you an idea of how our packaging materials work:

Rigid Material

If you want to present your product luxuriously or have a high-end range, you must go for a packaging material that complements it. Rigid is the densest and highly protective material to pack and display your product. It can withstand environmental pressures and adds to the brand value.

Cardboard Material

It is the most versatile material in retail packaging. The cardboard preroll packaging will be highly customizable into different sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. It can support add-ons, printing, and multiple custom applications.

Kraft Material

If you want to pack your product in a stylish material and project a positive image of your company in the market, we suggest Kraft. It is economically as well as environmentally feasible and conveniently made into different designs. 

Corrugated Material

If your products require safe shipping and storage, we suggest corrugated material that has protective flutes between sheets to withstand external factors. It is made of cellulose fibers and is recyclable. 

Customization Options for Your Custom Preroll Packaging

Who wants to display their products in a boring way?  A dull packaging doesn’t excite potential customers, thus making the sales go down. CBD Custom Boxes provides you with decorative printing techniques and color models to improve your product appearance. 

Custom Printed Preroll Packaging

CBD Custom Boxes provide you with printing options to make your product look more attractive. You can pick the suitable option as per your requirements:

Offset Printing

It provides high-resolution printing in a few days. If you need to make a bulk order and wait a few days, it is a feasible option. However, design alterations are challenging to complete due to the initial setup requirements.

Digital Printing

If you are making a small or a large order and need it quick, digital printing comes in handy as there is no initial setup required. It can cater to both small and large orders economically. However, the image quality is not as neat as that of offset printing. 

Color Models To Enhance Appearance of Custom Preroll Packaging

You can choose the best suitable color model to go with your printing design based on application preferences; we help you decide which one to go with:

PMS Color Model

Pantone Matching System covers a range of around 1800+ colors in its palette. It is the right choice for spot colors and provides accuracy in color tones, even over different devices. This is because of the universal coding that ensures precision. 

CMYK Color Model

It is based on Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black) colors to produce numerous color gradients. It provides colorful and vibrant images. However, it is difficult to obtain color accuracy over different devices. 

Add-Ons For Creating Unique Preroll Packaging

Decorate your cannabis preroll packaging and take it to the next level in the retail market. Following are the exciting add-ons to choose and adorn your preroll boxes:

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Window Patching
  • Spot UV
  • Hot Stamping

Present Preroll Packaging With Spectacular Finishing Coats

After choosing the design options for preroll packaging, we suggest you wrap it up with a sleek finishing coat that enhances the customer experience. We provide you with the following options in finishing coats:

  • Glossy Finish
  • Matte Finish
  • Soft-Touch Finish
  • Varnish Finish 

Prototyping to Finalize the Design

We provide our customers with prototypes of the design we have decided upon. It ensures the client’s satisfaction and evaluates the design’s credibility and final look. We offer virtual and physical prototypes.

  • 2D Sampling
  • 3D Sampling
  • Physical Sampling

Get The Stimulating Custom Preroll Packaging

CBD Custom Boxes provide you with the best quality of preroll packaging. It will protect, preserve and present your product effectively. The attractive customizations will make it look appealing and attract more customers. Your preroll joints packaging will improve customer experience and boost sales. 


Packaging To Boost Impression Of Your Pre-rolls

Get custom preroll packaging to attract customers with a fantastic impression and attractive appearance. Order here!


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