Empty Vape Cartridges Boxes


Are you looking for empty vape cartridges boxes that can help you increase your sales? If yes, you are at the right place. CBD Custom Boxes offer a host of different customization options that help you make unique and exclusive empty vape cartridges boxes.

Our packaging materials offer a secure base. Using the various color models, add-ons and finishing coats, you can let your creativity shine.  We allow our customers to bring in their designs too. However, if you want some help, our templates can give you a head start. You can check that the boxes are made to your specifications. Fix any mistakes by using our different prototyping options.  Get in touch with our team to make splendid empty vape cartridge boxes today!



What Are Empty Vape Cartridges Boxes?

Empty Vape Cartridges Boxes hold a lot of potentials. They can be the tool for fulfilling your marketing needs. Furthermore, they can help enhance your branding. Ultimately, they can help change the way your company markets.

Empty vape cartridge boxes are utilized mainly to store pre-filled cartridges. However, due to their size, they have several other uses as well. 

Packaging Materials For Dab Carts Boxes

In this case, packaging materials define the durability and quality of vape cartridge boxes. Many different materials can be used to make empty cartridge boxes. 

Whether you are looking to make sturdy dab cart boxes or empty oil vape cartridges packaging, our options can help. 

The following are the different options we offer. 

  • Cardstock Packaging Material
  • Kraft Packaging Material
  • Rigid Paperboard Packaging Material
  • Corrugated Cardboard Packaging Material

Cardstock Packaging Material

This material is lightweight and not as sturdy as the other options. However, cardstock offers incredible print quality. Thus, you can make eye-catching and appealing designs with it.

Kraft Packaging Material

This is one of the most popular materials used in vape cartridge boxes. It has a matte finish and no glossiness. This gives your customer an idea of what they will find inside the box even before opening it. 

Rigid Paperboard Packaging Material

This type of material is the simplest option to make empty vape cartridge boxes. It comes in two different types, printed and unprinted. Unprinted material is the sturdier option of the two. However, printed paperboard rigid packaging material can have a glossy finish making it ideal for printing purposes. 

Corrugated Cardboard Packaging Material

This material is good for making durable empty cartridge boxes. Also, there are many different types of corrugated cardboard on the market today. You can customize the corrugated material to have many fluted layers. As the number of fluted layers increases, the empty cartridge boxes’ strength also increases.

Color Models For Oil Vape Cartridges Boxes

Color models and printing techniques go hand in hand. Some color models help you make vibrant shades. At the same time, others can help you transform the oil vape cartridges boxes into branding tools. 

We offer the following options.

  • PMS Color Model
  • CMYK Color Model

PMS Color Model

This model is a beautiful way of adding brand colors to your dab vape cartridge boxes. This option has beautiful results and can make a strong impact. Furthermore, you can color-match the various options with ease.

CMYK Color Model

This model uses cyan, magenta, yellow and black to print the design onto the empty vape cartridges boxes. These colors are standard for printing purposes due to their ability to create vibrant prints. 

Add-Ons For Wholesale Empty Oil Cartridges

Add-ons can help you set your packaging apart from the rest of the competition. If you are looking to make wholesale empty oil cartridges packaging, add-ons can help you offer a personalized touch. 

We offer a host of various add-ons that can help you make an everlasting mark.

  • Window Patching
  • Spot UV
  • Embossing/ Debossing
  • Hot Stamping

Window Patching

This add-on allows you to offer your customers a preview of what they will find inside. Also, it gives you an insight into how your packaging can look from the outside.

Spot UV

This add-on is perfect for making eye-catching graphics on regular and shiny surfaces. Furthermore, spot UV also helps enhance contrast in printing by adding highlights to your designs.

Embossing/ Debossing

This option is ideal for creating attention-grabbing packaging. However, it requires a large quantity of empty vape cartridge boxes to be ordered simultaneously. 

Hot Stamping

Suppose you are looking to make beautiful designs on metal, then this add-on should be utilized. Also, it is ideal for making logos with intricate details.  

Vaporizer Cartridges Empty Packaging With Finishing Coats

Finishing coats offer many benefits to your vaporizer cartridges’ empty packaging. They can help complete the look while increasing the visual appeal of the boxes. 

We offer different options that can help you pull potential customers from afar. 

  • Matte Finishing Coat
  • Gloss Finishing Coat
  • Varnish Finishing Coat
  • Soft-Touch Finishing Coat

Matte Finishing Coat

This coating gives your empty cartridge boxes a uniform look. It also hides any surface blemishes. 

Gloss Finishing Coat

This coating is perfect for creating extraordinary designs with simple looks. This coating can make many colors pop and create artistic graphics on the vape cartridges’ packaging. Also, it offered long-lasting durability and increased glossiness which will attract customers.

Varnish Finishing Coat

This coating is ideal for hiding surface scratches and blemishes on your vape cartridge packaging. Also, it can create a smooth and glossy finish that will attract customers. 

Soft-Touch Finishing Coat

This option is perfect for adding durability to your vape cartridge boxes. It has a matte finish that will hide any surface blemishes.

Order Your 1ml Cartridge Packaging At CBD Custom Boxes Today

CBD Custom Boxes offers many customization options to help you make a mark in today’s market. Also, we can help you market your products to the masses by making your packaging eye-catching and unique from the rest of the competition. Whether you want 1ml cartridge packaging or vaporize cartridges empty packaging, we have you covered. Contact us today!


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